Shader Pack

Lighting adjustments for the Enhanced Editions.

Author: Argent77


The original Infinity Engine games provided options to adjust brightness and contrast which helped a lot, especially in dark dungeons or at night time. Unfortunately these options have been removed from the Enhanced Editions of the games.

This mod provides a way to bring back the means to adjust brightness, contrast and gamma correction. You can choose from a set of predefined lighting configurations or enter the desired values manually. Since version 3.0 of the mod you can also adjust color temperature as well as hue, saturation and lightness. The latter set of options have been marked as "Advanced Settings" as they are useful only in specific cases.

To get a general idea of how each setting looks like compared to the original, see below for screenshots in the Screenshots section.

Note: Changes made by this mod will not be visible if you select "Alternate renderer" in the graphics options of the games.

Visit the SHS Forums or Beamdog Forums if you have questions, or download the latest version from Spellhold Studios or GitHub.


This sections lists screenshots of all available settings.

Reference screenshot: Neutral (#1)

Contrast, brightness and gamma: #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20 and #21

Color temperature: "Arctic Blue", "Overcast sky", "Sunlight", "Moonlight", "Sunset", "Lightbulb" and "Candlelight"

Hue: Hue -0.375, Hue -0.25, Hue -0.125, Hue 0.125, Hue 0.25, Hue 0.375 and Hue ±0.5

Saturation and lightness: Saturation (0.0), Saturation (0.5), Saturation (1.5), Saturation (2.0), Lightness (0.5) and Lightness (1.5)


This is a WeiDU mod, that means it is very easy to install. Simply unpack the zip file into the installation directory of your game and run either "setup-LightingPack.exe" (Windows) or "setup-LightingPack.command" (macOS). Follow the instructions, and you are ready to start.

If you plan to re-install the shader scripts with different settings, it is highly recommended to install this mod as late as possible. For modifying the scripts manually see chapter How to modify lighting values after installation? below.

Important: You need BG:EE v1.2 or higher to see any effect!

To uninstall, run "setup-LightingPack.exe" or "setup-LightingPack.command" again and follow the prompts.

Compatibility & Troubleshooting

This mod attempts to make as few as possible changes to the script files to retain max. compatibility with other mods that affect the respective shader scripts. There is a small chance that this mod doesn't work correctly if other mods have made incompatible changes to the script files. In that case you have to install this mod first.

When modifying shader files manually, there is a chance that it will introduce errors that may cause the game to be unplayable. If you see a black screen or garbled pixels when you start up the game, press Alt+F4 or the respective default shortcut on your OS to quit the game and fix the error. If you are unable to repair the files manually, you can re-install the mod at anytime.

How to modify lighting values after installation?

If you want to change one or more settings after the mod has been installed, you can find the respective files (see below) in the override folder of your game installation.

Shader files are simple text files. To adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma correction values to your needs, open the respective file in your favorite text editor (e.g. Notepad or Notepad++) and modify the variables labeled as brightness, contrast and gamma located in the upper section of each script. The shader files contain short comments on how to set the values correctly. You should set the variables in all shader files to the same amount for best results.

The same applies to color temperature as well as the advanced settings of hue, saturation and lightness.

Usage of shader files in the game:

fpDraw.GLSL     Used for every colored areas of the screen, except for videos.
fpTone.GLSL     Used for grayscaled areas of the screen (e.g. disabled buttons or time stop effect).
fpYUV.GLSL      Used for video output.
fpYUVGRY.GLSL   Used for grayscaled video output.

Additional shader files since game version 2.0:

fpFont.GLSL     Used for game text.
fpSelect.GLSL   Used for sprite highlighting.
fpSprite.GLSL   Used for sprite outlines.

Additional shader files since game version 2.1:

fpseam.GLSL     Used for map background.


Coding & testing: Argent77

Polish translation: Cahir

Copyright Notice:

Creative Commons License

"Shader Pack: Lighting adjustments for the Enhanced Edition" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Version History

Version 3.1

Version 3.0

Version 2.4

Version 2.3

Version 2.2

Version 2.1

Version 2.0

Version 1.1

Version 1.0